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Kiara Mia Tells All

By Ron Ecstasy on November 03, 2011

This has to be one of the sexiest interviews we’ve had in a while. I was sitting here at my desk, just listening to it in the background and couldn’t help but give Kiara Mia my full attention. She gives us an exhaustive list of just what she needs to get off anally, and shit does it sound fun. 

Kiara  is a “multiple orgasm girl”,  but you have you start her off slow. No jamming your cock straight up her ass, at least not without giving her a couple of orgasms first.  I really can’t spoil this one, there’s nothing to tell. You really have to just watch.

NSFW:Check out Kiara in action at Brazzers

NSFW: Kiara Mia Mobile Porn

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