Lisa Ann Goes Deep with Kassem G.

By Olive Day on July 22, 2011

You may not have known this we collaborated with Kassem G on his recent Going Deep episode with our all-time favorite ZZ lady, Lisa Ann.  Seriously, she is the shit. This is probably the best girl on Going Deep to date thanks to her wit, charm and super-hot boobies. Scratch that, super-hot everything!

Kassem and Lisa have a riveting conversation covering all the bases from William Shakespeare to interracial porn. Lisa also chats about her ‘draft’ she has set up via e-mail which I hadn’t heard about before. So if you’re a dude, and are okay with sending dick pics, I think that you should probably send one to Lisa. You never know what would happen! I’d also like to point out that the term, “mattress actress” is the best thing I’ve heard all week.

If you want to see more ZZ babes with Kassem G, be sure to leave a note saying how much you enjoyed this collaboration!

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