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Lust Bite Halloween Part 2

By Ron Ecstasy on October 25, 2011

Are we still in the vampire craze? What happened to vampire culture? Do the tweens get to have it? Or did True Blood kick Twilight’s ass and hand vamp-life over the adults? Why do we all even like vampires anyway? Is the whole fang thing just a euphemism for sex that we enjoy because it’s easy to pretend it isn’t?

This installment of our Lust Bite series is, to put it bluntly, pretty awesome. Scott Nails is sent on a mission by a rogue general to help wipe out some vampires on halloween. He grabs his guns and a pass to the secret vampire club and heads out to pound some vamps.

The vamp club is bumpin, sweet undead chicks making out and pussy stroking on the bar,  the style is tight. If it weren't for the fact that everyone's drinking blood this could be a swinger's club. Things go awry after they nail the Eastern European vampire babe Aletta Ocean. Will Detective Nails and Officer Sins make it out alive? There's only one way to find out.

NSFW: Click here to watch Lust Bite

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