Machine Gun Kelly

By Willow Monroe on February 27, 2012

Who would have expected Machine Gun Kelly to be so reverent? Sure, the Rapper is the son of missionaries, but bowing before the altar of debauchery is likely the last thing his folks had in mind when they raised him. But we at ZZinsider, dig his style. Certainly we commend him for his fine taste in porn. MGK raises the Brazzers banner and waves it proudly. “I beat my dick to this website, daily,” he tells us. He follows this statement with a bold attestation of the fineness of Brazzers Babe, Jennifer White.  Say what you want about him, MGK knows what’s worth wanking to. Stay tuned for his DP demonstration and raunchy confessions from his outrageous sexploits.  No one shares nefariousness with quite as much brash honesty as MGK. Which rapid-fire rapping aside, is why we love him. 

Want to see the scene that got MGK Hard?

Check out   Poolside Anal - NSFW!

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