Melissa Ria: ZZ Eurobabe Montage

By Olive Day on May 27, 2011

Last night I had a dream that the rapture happened and I was at the ZZinsider office where Brazzers was corralling all of the hotties from all over the world that they had recently worked with. I stoically offered myself to brave whatever raptury happenings that were going on outside to loot the local liquor store so we could start the sexiest party in all of existence. Then, I woke up. While I was pretty pissed that I didn’t get to attend the not real sexy party, I was happy that I fantasized about today’s Eurobabe Melissa Ria in a skimpy little bo-peep outfit. (I gotta stop reading Kacey Jordan’s tweets while I fall asleep!)

Melissa Ria is a pornstar from the Czech Republic who was born on October 27th, 1989. She’s new to the porn scene starting her career late last year. This footage is from her first scene with Brazzers that is yet to be released.

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