Nikki Sexx Interview

By Olive Day on November 29, 2010

Hottie Nikki Sexx is on set getting ready to rumble for Brazzers in a hot and heavy DP scene with two lucky men.  ZZinsider was fortunate enough to have Nikki share some words of wisdom about gossip everyone should take to heart while 'Fat dudes' around the world rejoice when Nikki describes her perfect man. Nikki recounts her first run in with the cops which is a definite made for porn story with a not so happy ending. Maybe you could pitch this idea to some producers Nikki! We’d sure love to see this story on screen. Was I the only one imagining her speeding her car with that sexy outfit she had on?

We at ZZinsider also really want to know why there are so many Shakeweights on set. Should we get one for the office? Or are they just used for warming up your whacking off skills...

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