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On Set with Phoenix Marie

By Summer on November 25, 2011

On the Brazzers set with Phoenix Marie, the curvaceous blond skillfully bites into a burger posing for the camera while not actually eating it.  Quite a feat I must say!  It’s always great to see a famous Pornstar like Phoenix, still able to have fun on set.  No matter the scene, or how long she has to shoot for, she is always goofing around and in good spirits.  In this shoot, it’s Phoenix’s first time shooting with the studly Manuel Ferrera. The two seem to have awesome chemistry in the bedroom that translates perfectly on camera.  Login into our NSFW section to see the naked interview with Phoenix as she tells us the last time she had anal; both with a man & a woman. Atta girl Phoenix!! That’s why we love you!!

You’ll also get to hear about her vaginal preferences & watch her in action giving Manuel a BJ. That Manuel is one lucky man, that girl has got some serious BJ Skill!!

NSFW: Watch full scenes of Phoenix Marie at Brazzers

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