Part 2 of Our Trip to Exxxotica

By Ron Ecstasy on October 13, 2011

Its that time of year again (even though it always seems to be that time of year) Exxxotica is here. Of course we weren't going to let another installment of Exxxotica LA  pass without sending our intepid camera crew down to catch some interviews.

In this installment we speak to the lovely Kourtney Kane. A Brazzers girl, and wicked hot, Kourtney is nice enough to play our favorite game ,"69" seconds". For those who aren't familair, we ask a pornstar rapid fire questions for 69 whole seconds. There's no winning or losing, but you'll be surprised at the answers we can get once they get in the swing of things.

An interesting feature of Exxxotica, and probably of being a porn-star, is that porn-stars are real people. Sure they're schmoozing at the booths all day, but this round table-ish discussion of the associated problems with being a porn-star is really funny. Especially when she starts going on about how all her straight friends constantly ask her "not to fuck  my husband."

NSFW Check out Kortney Kane in action at Brazzers!

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