Part 6 of Our Trip to Exxxotica

By Ron Ecstasy on October 17, 2011

Welcome to part six of our coverage of Exxxotica! If you've been following the series you'll notice a bit of a pattern. We’ve got some shots of crazy babes doing their thing, 69 seconds with a lovely lady of porn and a little time with the AEBN stage. This installment doesn't disappoint, delivering what I think is the funniest 69 seconds yet. Lexi Belle is a crazy gal!

Like I said, we got Lexi Belle in the chair for 69 seconds of fun, and shit does she give some strange answers to our hard hitting questions. "The future is unforeseen", not even a stroke at self-promotion, Lexi tells it like it is. She also collects salt and pepper shakers and steals the safety cards out of people's airline sheets. What kind of folder do you keep them in baby?

The AEBN stage brings the audience participation with a bunch of male strippers in kimonos. Do women actually like male strippers? Is it like a Markey Mark thing where the girls get all excited about their abs but don't want to see any dick? I have no idea, except women always seem to get really embarrassed when I strip, what gives?

NSFW Check out Lexi in action at Brazzers!

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