Pornstar Emily Addison Sends Brazzers Goodies to Fred Willard

By Willow Monroe on July 23, 2012

Late last week comedian and actor Fred Willard, host of the ABC show Trust Us with Your Life, was arrested for Lewd Conduct at an Adult theatre in Hollywood. Though nobody’s buying it, Willard’s claiming his arrest was merely a “misunderstanding,” as if his being caught dick-in-hand in a public place was misconstrued. Even the best PR specialist would have a hard time spinning that one. Willard, until recently most known for his roles and guest appearances on popular television serials like Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne, and Modern Family, will now likely be remembered primarily as yet another celebrity masturbator, among the ranks of Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman).

But not all is lost for the 72-year-old celebrity. Despite the rumors, PBS hasn’t fired him from his narrating duties on Market Warriors, and his wife hasn’t denounced him either, at least not publicly. Best yet, he’s gained the attention of one of the most smoking pornstars performing today. In an act of undeniable compassion, Emily Addison sent Fred Willard a care package last Friday afternoon including a number of Brazzers videos, presumably so he could free willy in the comfort of his own home. She voiced her concerns for the comedian via her Twitter account with such messages as:


Emily Addison Emily Addison ‏@EmiAddison

@fred_willard I got a little gift for ya, so u don't have to go out in public :D @brazzers 

 Emily Addison Emily Addison ‏@EmiAddison

@fred_willard @brazzers movie night at ur place tomorrow!

 Emily Addison Emily Addison ‏@EmiAddison

@fred_willard can my gfs & I cum masturbate with u while u watch these? Lol @brazzers 


Personally, I’d be thrilled to have the likes of Emily Addison throwing attention my way. Now that’s worth getting arrested for, not to mention the free Brazzers vids. Willard has neglected to respond to Emily’s generous gesture on Twitter, or elsewhere for that matter. Rude if you ask me. He could have at least sent a thank you card. Yeesh!

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