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Presley Hart: California Babe

By Isaac on November 17, 2011

“I wish they all could be California, I wish they all could be California, I wish they all could be California Girls”

The Beach Boys said it better than I ever could. Presley Hart is one helluva girl. I got the chance to actually watch this scene before it goes live on Brazzers. Let me tell you this, you’re gonna have this tanned sex-bomb on your mind for days.

We get straight to the goods in this interview. I won’t reveal the conversation that goes down; but I’ll give you a hint about Presley – her favorite position is the the piledriver. This blows my mind (and my load). Normally we see girls responding to a question like with “safer” answers; but I love the fact the Presley goes straight for something that requires a little bit of skill. I mean, sex is easy, but a steamy all out fuck-fest sex takes some practice and creativity.  So watch the video, while you do that I’m going to finish studying “Piledrivers For Dummies.”

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