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Presley Hart: California Girl

By Ron Ecstasy on November 10, 2011

It’s not often that I’m truly surprised by a new girl. A lot of babes cum though the figurative door here at ZZinsider and, well, I’m a little jaded. It takes something special to get ol’ Ron’s  motor going, you know what I mean?

Presley Hart is an exceptional case. I know a lot of the time, when I’m like, ”this girl is great” I also say something stupid like “and I just can’t tell you why.” This time I can justify it. She’s exactly what I imagine a California girl to be. In my head, when I think of a young, lithe, west coast babe it IS Presley Hart.

Look at her smooth, sun-kissed skin, her hair bleached by so much sun. I bet she tastes like salt water and pine trees. She’s like the kind of babe they fight over in Point Break. God she’s so tight, apparently Presley is a dancer in her non-porn time. Yeah, dancing through my dreams!

NSFW: Check out Presley Hart in action at Brazzers

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