PussyHound at the Porn Awards

By Olive Day on June 13, 2011

PussyHound at the Porn Awards - watch more funny videos

I think it’s safe to say that Adult Entertainment Expos are cesspools of diehard fans, porn hopefuls, and comedians trying to poke fun at the people that attend these conventions. I’ve seen a lot of really dumb and quite frankly rude comedians on YouTube attempting to be funny by putting down porn fans but “PussyHound” aka Bryan, a wildly talented comedian/improv artist from Hollywood, has been one of the only comics to actually make one these little skits enjoyable.

Pussy Hound takes the AEE expo by storm asking questions to some of the ‘bros who bought tickets to the porn convention’. I don’t know what it is about this character, but he had me laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. I guess it’s the fact that he ends up being straight as an arrow catches all of the guys off guard every time. I really wish I had quick wit like PussyHound!

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