Riley Jensen: Behind the Scenes

By Olive Day on June 23, 2011

The sexy school girl uniform of plaid short skirt, buttoned down white shirt and ponytails, has been a staple of fantasy role play since the invention of the first Catholic school girl. Fortunately for us, we caught the gorgeous tattooed goddess Riley Jensen shooting her pretty girl photos for her upcoming scene on The only thing sexier to me than a girl in a school girl uniform is a naughty school girl in uniform because they want to rip off their skirts as fast as we want too!

Also, kudos to the camera man that convinced that other tattooed girl to make out with Riley; you need a medal for that one! After the tattooed babe make out session, things get a little rated R so be sure you’re not watching this one while your boss is around. But it is only a picture and her face is only underneath her skirt and not sucking on her vagina so it really isn’t bad at all if you really think about it.

(NSFW Link) See More Riley Jenson at Freeones

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  • On September 07, 2014, rif1982 said...
    Are all the schoolgirls pornstars? What are their names?
  • On January 05, 2014, dracula49 said...
    What is the name of this scene with riley jensen.
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