Rock ‘n Porn: 48 Hour Fest Part 1

By Ron Ecstasy on November 14, 2011

Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock n’roll porno!

Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock n’roll porno!

Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock n’roll porno!

So I’m kind of a bad songwriter, I definitely wouldn’t make the cut for covering Ramones songs, which probably makes me the worst songwriter ever. Thankfully that’s not my lot in life, and instead of being creative I get to write about other people who are (sexy) creative. Everyone’s a critic—zing!

On the subject of creativity and rock and roll and porno, I just remembered.  We sent super-babe porno chicks Vanilla Deville and Diamond Foxx down to a little rock n’ roll something called 48 hour fest in Las Vegas. While deployed there, the babes went about interviewing all types of peeps.

 This installment of our three part series snagged us Las Vegas natives Adelita’s Way. Named after the lifestyle of the brothel girls they encountered in a seedy Mexican babe-joint, Adelita’s Way made their name with the WWE theme song/hit “invincible.” Rock, wrestling, and porn what could be better?

As if there weren’t enough babes in this vid, the ever articulate Vanilla cornered  the “Romantic Rock” fashion girls. They’re kind of shy, but ooh la la are they ever sexy

NSFW: Check out Vanilla Deville & Diamond Foxxx at Brazzers!

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