Rock N’ Porn: 48 hrs Festival Part 3

By Ron Ecstasy on November 16, 2011

48 Hours Fest, and indeed rock N’ Roll its self is composed of different aspects that are just undeniably good together. The heavy music, over-the-top sexy babes. Giant amps with bigger tits. Sweaty rock n rollers and leaking, soaked pussies. Drunken parties leading to ravishing orgies. Filthy women and dirty bikes. Dirt bikes.

Our Brazzers girls Diamond Foxx and Vanilla Deville covered every corner of the festival looking for down dudes to interview and rub their tits against. They managed to corner a couple of jolly motor-heads from the Monster Metal Mulisha. In case you don’t know the culture, the Mulisha is a team of hyper-dudes that slam chicks and do crazy trix on dirt bikes. Sweet beard bro, don’t get it caught in the chain.

Wrapping up the vid are Travis and Johnny from the sweetly named “Art of Dying.” These guys are quintessential rock and roller types; long haired, shirtless and kind of drunk. Check the absurdly long motorboat scene if you need a tutorial on how to party.

Check out part 2 of our coverage here

NSFW: Diamond Foxxx at Brazzers NSFW: Vanilla DeVille at Brazzers

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