Sarah Vandella : Cute as a Frickin’ Bunny

By Stefanie Saint on April 25, 2011

WWJD? We think he’d be on board with our version of Easter. Our version includes a gorgeous, bikini clad chick with bunny ears talking about whether she prefers oral or anal. And the perfect girl to do this with is the always ridiculously sexy, Sarah Vandella.

In our 69 second interview with the blonde starlet (pornlet?), Sarah lets us know that she puts taking care of herself as a top priority. And though she has never been injured as a result of a sex act, we’re positive that her face lit up with the possibility. Then again, that could have just been the light reflected off of her awesome bouncing boobs.

We’ll admit that we’re not sure what the hell is wrong with Sarah’s boyfriend. Because if this girl asked us to rub any part on her body we would have knocked down old ladies and kicked a few puppies to get our pervy mitts on her. But that’s just us.

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