Scott and Keiran’s European Whorecation

By Stefanie Saint on February 23, 2011

What are two guys to do when their penises no longer have anywhere new to go? If they’re anything like Scott Nails and Keiran Lee they pack up their lube, wrangle their giant schlongs to TSA code and hop the first plane out of porn valley.

Two intrepid voyagers, Keiran and Scott head to Budapest to explore the depths of their own depravity and that of some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Spoiler alert: their depths of depravity were so deep that spelunkers were standing by.

Pervy filmmaker, Christoph, was luckily there to document the hilarity that ensued. So began the eight day European odyssey of women who love American cock. Much Like Ghandi spreading the word of love, Keiran and Scott sprayed their man juice on needy faces around Turkey.

Check out the totally NSFW Brazzers Worldwide for actual European boobs.

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