Sophie Dee as Daisy Daisy in Ricky Longdick and the Golden Error of Porn

By Olive Day on June 07, 2011

While A-listers scramble to pick up any last minute roles in the dueling Linda Lovelace biopics, Good Director/Bad Director productions are currently looking for a studio to fund their film entitled, “Ricky Longdick and the Golden Error of Porn.”

Film synopsis: Ricky prided himself on staring in adult films with high production value, sophisticated characters, and heart wrenching story lines, all of which typified the Golden Era of Porn. And for some ridiculous reason, this is exactly what the public wanted. At the height of his popularity, Ricky Longdick was the face of a generation. How big was he? Highway 66 was renamed the Longdick Expressway.   Longdick High was the most common public school name in the nation.  He was the national spokesman for “Porn Stars For Nixon”, a political action group many pundits agree was pivotal in the 1972 Election.  And he was the only person ever knighted by Queen Elizabeth twice…and then once again in the morning.

But as the 1980s rolled around, the public finally came to their senses. No longer enamored with one woman’s emotional journey to find just the right TV repairman, people just wanted to see porn stars bump fuzzies. Faced with two options, adapt or enroll in dental school, Ricky chose a third and completely unrealistic path. He set out on a mission to keep porn classy.”(Official Website)

The film is written and directed by Daniel Galiadri and Ken Schefler, and stars David Scott as Ricky Longdick and the reverently gorgeous Sophie Dee as Daisy Daisy. We’d watch it, what about you? If you're a film company, or have a lot of money laying around contact

When you check out their website, be sure to watch the extended scene that stars Sophie Dee under special features, it's really funny!

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