James Gunn’s Pg Porn - Squeal Happy Whores

By Stefanie Saint on November 12, 2010

For people who like everything about porn...except the sex.

How many times have you been watching a great porn film - you're really enjoying the story, the acting, the cinematography - when, all of the sudden, they ruin everything with PEOPLE HAVING SEX?

A bunch of times, right?

That's why I (James Gunn), along with my brothers Brian and Sean, have created James Gunn's PG Porn. It's pornography everyone can enjoy, not just perverts.

James Gunn’s PG Porn, became an internet hit in 2008. Since then 12 scenes have been shot for Spike.com and the series has only built in popularity. Squeal Happy Whores will always be one of our favorites not only because it stars Jenna Haze but because there's is singing. And if there is one niche that porn is missing it's is musical porn. We see a whole new porn parody world...HairandFaceSpray, West Cock Story.

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    really nice porn comedy
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