Sunny Lane Signing at Bizzy B

By Olive Day on May 25, 2011

While Sunny Lane is not teaching people how to give excellent blowjobs or shooting super steamy scenes for her NSFW website, she’s traveling the world meeting with some of her biggest fans. We caught up with the bubbly blonde at the notorious Busy Bee store downtown Hollywood for her meet and greet. Unfortunately we don’t have any sexy shots of her trying on some bikinis in the shop like we did when we went to see Daisy Marie’s signing, but just catching up with her during her busy schedule was good enough.

After watching this video, you sure know why this girl has such a strong following. She’s super cute, down to earth and interactive with her fans. What a sweetheart! To find out more about Sunny Lane and see what she’s up to every day visit her website for her complete calendar.  While you’re there, why not get a subscription to see all of the sexy nasty stuff too?

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