The Amazing Video Behind Love Joule, Tokyo’s Female Masturbation Bar

By Annie Eve on June 07, 2013

When I was looking into Love Joule, Toyko's Female Masturbation Bar (whaaa???) I came across this amazing promotional video. This animation! So good! Women petting pussy cats! Men licking lollipops held over ladycrotch! This is nuts! I love it. 

According to, "Behind the bar, instead of liquor bottles, are rows of vibrators, lube and other female friendly toys. The bar is part of a trend going on in Japan to do away with the taboo surrounding female masturbation, sex toys and female sexuality in general. To ensure that it’s a safe space for women, men aren’t permitted in the bar unless accompanied by a female partner."

It's still going strong, and if Love Joule wants, they can fly me over to do a full, er, appraisal of their premises. I have no idea how it works, and I don't WANT to have any idea until the second I walk through the door, hand over my yen, and see what happens when I say, "Uh, dildo, kudasai!"

If this happens, I promise to give you every last detail. They say on their Facebook page they're on Foursquare, so you'll know I was really there. 

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