A Wacky Euro Masturbation Song Just For You!

By Annie Eve on June 06, 2013

It's Thursday afternoon, the work day is nearly over, and it's time for a little fun. Oh wait, I work in porn... every day is fun! For those of you who aren't so lucky, here's a video from EuroTrash celebrating the joys of masturbation to brighten your day. I know it's not masturbation month any more, but let's face it -- every day is masturbation day. Here's a little sample of the lyrics:

First, I give it a long stroke up and down, up and down

Then, I give it a short one - to tickle the crown, to tickle the crown

Smash it, splash it up against the wall

Squeeze, tease it, make it want some more

Some people say that sexual intercourse is grand

Speaking for myself I'd rather take it in my hand!

Keep up the good jerk, and head on over to Brazzers to finish the job! 

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