The Phenomenal KIRSTEN PRICE: Part 2

By Willow Monroe on December 16, 2011

Hello, Doctor… It’s Kirsten Price playing Doctor Price, a physician who molests her patient in another Brazzer’s original.  The lucky co-star? None other than Keiran Lee!  This is the first time Kirsten is shooting for Brazzer’s and her first time doing boy-girl  in six years.  She tells us, “I’m looking forward to jumping back on that dick.” Your fans are looking forward to it to too, Kirsten.  It’s a day of breaking new ground for this Massachusetts born bombshell.  Kirsten confesses that it’ll be the first time she shoots a scene with anal, ever. Now that’s hot! Her ass-cherry is sure to pop beautifully. Find out even more tantalizing tidbits from the dirty doctor as she’s interviewed by Keiran. How she got her start in the industry. What she likes about feature dancing. Who she goes home and cuddles every night. All is revealed by the priceless Kirsten Price.     

Watch Part one of Kirsten Here

NSFW: See Kirsten Price in action at Brazzers

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