Virgin Vs. Legend: Interview

By Willow Monroe on February 21, 2012

Get better acquainted with our wannabe porn star, Virgin Boy ( @grassh0ppa2), as Keiran Lee interviews him and asks him the kind of tough questions only a pro would know to ask. Can you get a BJ from your dream babe and not blow your load? Can you come in ten seconds flat? And, what would you do if you were giving it to a girl in the ass and she poops on you? Virgin Boy answers these hard-hitting questions and more. At the end, he has some questions of his own to ask Keiran, as well as a shiny new porn star name. Great vid if you’re looking for straight-faced humor, or pointers on becoming a male porn star yourself. 


Virgin Vs Legend: The Kidnapping (BTS)

Virgin Vs Legend: The Kidnapping

Legend Vs. Virgin: The Text 

Legend Vs. Virgin: The MILF

Legend Vs. Virgin: Xmas Special

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