ZZInsider Interview With Sophie Dee

By Olive Day on December 07, 2010

First of all, big ups to the guy who edited this video, I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 second montage of Sophie Dee working her curvaceous body. Second of all, earth to Sophie! Although you are not technically a ginger you are definitely wild in bed (from what I have seen). Not only does this hottie tell us what she looks for in a guy and chat with us about her sexy Welshiness,  she lays down some pretty slick sex advice for men and women. 

Sophie, I really can’t see myself using an ENTIRE bottle of lube; I’m going to take a shot in the dark here (it may sound a little crazy) my sex life is probably nowhere near Sophie Dees. So… I’m just going to go ahead and share my own advice and tell you guys to read the bottle before slathering your street meat with half a bottle of lube.

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