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ZZinsider Presents: Sexual Harassment and You

By Olive Day on August 12, 2011

We here at ZZinsider take sexual harassment very seriously, but since we’re in the pornography business we also know how to joke about it too.  Seriously, we all watch and share porn links all day, so we have to be open minded.

Our good friends at wrote a very funny parody of a popular viral video with us in it! Well, not really us… I don’t think we’d be the best for Brazzers ratings since we’re not big dicked/ hot porn stars (sorry to ruin the dream guys) so  they had Keiran Lee & Sophia Lomei did the dirty work.

If you want to see more of the scene (of course you do) click here, or if you don’t have a Brazzers account we have a very sexy NSFW version which you can watch by signing up for your very own ZZinsider account (it’s free!) which gives you access to videos with boobies.

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